Media Relations

Whether your organization is facing a crisis or you simply have an interesting story to tell about a new initiative, awards program or major event, communicating effectively to multiple audiences through the media has never been more challenging. The 24-hour news cycle, social media, and the shifting focus from traditional print and broadcast media to online sites and blogs have combined to change the media relations game in significant and far-reaching ways.

James Hale has worked both sides of the street, and understands that compelling messages, strategic planning, and integrity are essential components of ensuring that your story gets attention.

Since 2000, James Hale has been a principal national spokesperson for Elections Canada — handling thousands of media requests during the heat of four federal general elections. He has served as media relations advisor for the Ottawa International Jazz Festival, developed an international media relations strategy for Grant MacEwan University’s Music Department, analyzed global media coverage for Environment Canada, and worked to position numerous clients as go-to sources for journalists on a range of issues.

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